pennypan and the lost girls

Permalink tank girl’s a lost kid too <3.
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NAME; Robyn (because i’m extremely full of myself - just kidding, i just can’t think of a name.. and i like my name, it’s the best thing about me, lool)
Age; me :3
Likes; Owls, swords, other lost girls, Skrillex :3
Dislikes; Growing up, Hook.
Weapon; VERY sharp wooden sword made with her hands, a sharp rock and some wood.
Personality; Shy, flirty, sad, guileless, secretive.
Permalink Nobody’s been posting lost girls shtuff in a while but why not~And I’m willing to draw other peoples’ lost girls too btw c:

are you guys still drawing lost girl photos??? <3 <3 

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shoutout to my lost girls. we rowdy.

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MY LOST GIRLS! Sorry I lost contact for a bit, I have finals and other school things that got me distracted~  BUT SOON I SHALL BE BACK IN HERE AND FAN ART’N IT UP~
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REALLLY LATE AT THIS!! but… This is my lost girl&lt;3  her name is Luna, she is part feline. She’s lean, tall, and quick witted. She loves mermaids and fairies. Her weapon, archery.(:
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My name’s Amanda, I’m a little lost girl bunny. My weapon is “dropping the bass” but only when I have to. I had to a lot. I drew it like a little comic. 
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This would be my sister, Christina. Her weapon is a spear, with a creeper head! She also has mouse ears.

Yes, I know it’s super late. I finally got the scanner to work though
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Mau5icorn’s dress! Phew, I hope it’s good. Took me forever to figure out what to draw.
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Coraline’s dress for her wedding to the lovely Mau5icorn!
It’s lost girl themed, so I included her spirit hood or whatever it’s called but made the cape longer. Of course, everything is white.
I’m gonna tag this lost girls bangarang, why not?
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@skickpank’s lost rabbit girl! my gosh she’s too adorable abububububu